Green Crabs for Dinner?

Thursday, April 17, 2014 by Meredyth

You may have heard about green crabs in the news lately. Although these invasive species have been reported in Maine since the early 1900's their populations seem to be on the raise.  This rise in population is causing concern due to the fact that green crabs eat shellfish like mussels and clams, an import industry in Maine.

Source: Vital Signs User- B1

Some people think they have a solution: eat them! A few people are working to create a demand for these crabs both here in the Untied States as well as Asia and Europe. If their idea works, people could make money selling green crabs while helping to control the population.

They are not the first people to have the idea of controlling invasive species populations by turning them into a food source. In France people are looking at turning an invasive sea snail into a delicacy.

Not everyone agrees that eating invasives is a good solution. What do you think? Would you eat green crabs?

Want to see where people are finding green crabs in Maine? Check out the data at Vital Signs.

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