Larval Lobster Population in Decline?

Monday, May 12, 2014 by Kim Little

Recently scientists have seen a drop in larval lobster recruitment. Lobstermen are worried about what that might mean for the future. The past two years there have been record high landings, around 120 million pounds of lobster. These large lobster landings have led to a decrease in the price of lobster. The concern is that if landings decrease in the future and the prices do not increase that lobstermen may have trouble making a profit.


When lobsters first hatch out of their eggs, they become part of the plankton, that live near the surface of the water. The larval lobsters will spend 2 months near the surface before they settle on the sea floor. From this point it will then take a lobster around 7 years to become a legal sized lobster.

Scientist predict that we will see a drop in lobster landings in 5-7 years. Fishermen are starting to think about different ways of making the lobstering industry more efficient, so that it can adapt to a potential decrease in lobsters.

Can you think of a way lobstermen could make their traps more efficient?

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