Science Happens Year Round

Thursday, July 17, 2014 by Meredyth

School is out of session for the summer and many of you are probably busy with camps or trips to the beach or the lake. For the scientists here at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, summer means field season.   Some of the scientists that work here are collaborating with a larger group of scientists from all over New England on the Gulf of Maine Coastal Ecosystem Survey. This project is a cruise, on a research vessel, that is collecting data on everything from plankton to whales. They are looking at things like the abundance of marine birds and the amount of chlorophyll in the water among many other things. You can read all about the work that this group is doing here.

northern fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis) Source: Curt Brown, GMRI

This photo, of a Northern fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis), was taken on one leg of the cruise.

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