"Abby's Aquarium Adventures"

Friday, September 26, 2014 by Meredyth

This week Abby from "Abby's Aquarium Adventures"  http://abbysaquariumadventures.blogspot.com/ came to visit us at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) http://www.gmri.org/. Abby, is a plush doll that has been traveling the world visiting aquariums and other institutes/organizations like ours; recent stops include Maine and Texas. You can read all about her adventures on her blog. http://abbysaquariumadventures.blogspot.com/

Here at GMRI, Abby helped the educators with the LabVenture! program.

Photo Credit: GMRI

Abby waited with the staff for the students to arrive to hand out names tags so students could get to work as scientists.

Abby, Molly, and Becca lead the students through a half-day hands-on interactive lab experience. Students were working to answer the question, "how are Cod, Lobsters, Herring, and Humans connected in the Gulf of Maine ecosystem?"

 Photo Credit: GMRI

Students work at interactive stations to collect data, make observations, use the tools of science, and create videos. Abby tried her hand at the stations as well.

Photo Credit: GMRIPhoto Credit: GMRI

 Photo Credit: GMRI

Abby helped students use a caliper to measure the carapace of a lobster. The length of a lobster's carapace can help scientists understand how quickly lobsters are growing.

 Photo Credit: GMRI

Abby observed our large blue lobster in our benthic tank to see how they interact with cod.

Photo Credit: GMRI 

She even helped Molly and Becca listen to the videos students create at the stations and picked which work to share with the whole class.

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