Saving the Coral Reefs

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 by Becca Stanley

Climate change and ocean acidification are hot topics in the scientific community.  People are concerned about the affects these changes might have on coral reefs, a good portion of which have already disappeared over the past few decades. Scientists are particularly concerned because most corals take a long time to spread and grow. However, it is not all bad news!


Scientists at Mote Tropical Research Laboratory may have found a way to help coral populations make a rebound.  At the lab they discovered that when they took fragments of coral from a live parent colony and transferred them to other areas, these microfragments of coral grew way faster than usual!  Additionally, they have successfully planted some of these nursery grown corals on the skeleton of a dead reef near Big Pine Key and they seem to be doing well!


Check out the full story here!

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