Ocean Temperatures

Thursday, March 19, 2015 by Meredyth

Scientists have lots of cool tools that help them collect data about what is happening around us or in this case under the water. One of our scientists, who is also a lobsterman in Casco Bay shared with us some of the data he was able to collect this winter.

Portland Head Light  

In November he put a temperature logger in one of his lobster traps and pushed it over board about 3 miles from Cape Elizabeth where the ocean is about 216 feet deep.

Check out what it recorded:

 Water Temp Graph


It recorded water temperatures as they dropped over the course of the winter and got as cold as 1.83 degrees C (or 35.2 degrees F) on February 19th. One hypothesis is that the largest drops in temperature correspond to the biggest ocean storms of the winter. It's pretty neat to see that storms could have an affect even 216 feet below the surface.


What questions might you use a temperature logger to answer? 


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