Salmon Cannon!

Friday, March 27, 2015 by Caroline Casals

Imagine you are a salmon swiming upstream to spawn, what would you do if you saw this?


While a fish ladder may have been the old way you got over those pesky dams, another option might be on the way.

Thanks to an innovative company, fish migrating upstream to spawn like Chinook Salmon might be able to say “wheee!” as they get launched over the dam instead of having to swim up it thanks to the Salmon Cannon!

The salmon cannon (developed by the aptly named “Whooshh Innovations”) launches salmon through a 250 foot long flexible tube in seconds. Incredibly the fish come out without a problem, swimming around as soon as they land at their watery destination. There are not a lot of good options for salmon to get over dams at the moment, lowering the number of mates and baby salmon.

The safe ride of the salmon cannon is due to the forceful but gentle suction in the tube. The salmon cannon works like a really big vacuum cleaner that is open at both ends. Check it out!

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