Sharks, sharks, sharks!

Monday, July 6, 2015 by Becca Stanley

Sharks have been a hot topic in the news lately and you may have heard that there were multiple shark sightings off of the Maine Coast recently.  Some concerns were raised that they might be Great White Sharks. However, James Sulikowski, a professor at the University of New England, and scientists right here at GMRI, think that they were more likely basking sharks. While basking sharks are extremely large and intimidating, they are filter feeders, which means they have no interest in eating humans, only plankton.  

Two of our scientists, Adam and Julek, were also lucky enough to spot a basking shark while doing research off Cape Elizabeth in June.  They were able to capture some footage of the basking shark using an underwater camera. Check out their video below!

Video Player Here:

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