Leatherback Rescued in the Gulf of Maine

Thursday, September 24, 2015 by Katie

Just recently, the Coast Guard rescued an enormous leatherback sea turtle near Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  It was entangled in fishing gear 15 miles off the coast. The fishing lines were carefully cut and the leatherback swam away. Read the full article here.

Leatherbacks are an endangered species and are the largest living turtles! The sea turtle that was just rescued was 6 feet long and could have been around 2,000 pounds. That is like a picnic table swimming around the ocean!

Fun fact about leatherbacks is that their main diet is jellyfish. They have a jagged throat, so the jellies don’t come back up!

Leatherbacks also migrate very long distances. There are many research projects that are tracking their migration patterns. Check out this website to see the migration route of one leatherback over the last year.

Leatherback Rescued in the Gulf of Maine

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