Grow, Grow, Grow

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 by Meredyth

Our resident blue lobster molted again this week! Lobsters molt in order to grow. Lobsters are able to separte their carapace from their tail and pull their entire body, even their large claws, through the small opening!  They leave their old hard shell behind reveling a paper thin and very vulnerable new shell.

Here are some photos and a video we took during the process:

Video Player Here:

Note this video is speed up 4 times faster.

Check out this post from when this guy molted last time and this video from the time before. When lobsters get older and bigger they tend to molt less often. This lobster is molting about every two years now.

During this last molt the blue lobsters crusher claw grew significantly.

The lobsters old shell is on the left, the newly molted lobsetr is on the right.

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