Adventures of the GMRI ROV

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 by Becca

The GMRI research team is the proud new owner of an Open ROV!  You may be asking yourself, what is an ROV? An ROV is a remotely operated underwater water vehicle.  The ROV has a camera that can take both videos and pictures, it also has head lights, and a laser! It is controlled using the keypad of a computer.


The ROV came as a do it yourself kit, and one of the research technicians, Julek, spent about two weeks building it. Here he is working on it. 

After Julek finished building it, it was time to test it out in the water. After all that time and work he was a little nervous about sending out into the open ocean, so he decided to test it out in our tank in the Cohen Center first!

The test run in the Cohen Center went so well, later that day Julek brought the ROV to Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth to test it out in the ocean, and took the picture below.

The research team plans on using the ROV to explore the bottom of the Gulf of Maine and collect data for a variety of projects. Some possible projects include estimating shrimp populations, and scoping out good ground fish habitat. Julek plans to document the different adventures of the research team and ROV  here.

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