“Hanging Scallops by a Thread”

Friday, February 17, 2017 by Julia

Some people love lobster, or salmon, or oysters, but I love scallops. I love them grilled, baked, and pan fried! They only way I won't eat them is raw. Scalloping is an important fishery in the Gulf of Maine. Most of the scallops I've eaten have been wild harvested. This means that a fisherman goes out and collects them from the wild. It turns out that scallops can also be grow on sea farms though! Sea farming is called aquaculture. There is a lot of scallop aquaculture happening in Japan, but it is really new to Maine.

My friend Bailey is learning how to farm scallops on Hurricane Island in Penobscot Bay. Read her article "Hanging Scallops by a Thread" to learn more about how she grows her baby scallops.


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