The Ear-Hanging Machine

Monday, May 22, 2017 by Julia

Do you or one of your friends have their ears pierced? Well guess what... scallops can have pierced ears too! Scallops are a marine species that can be grown in aquaculture, or ocean farms. Scallop seed, which is just baby scallops, isn't planted the way corn, lettuce, or watermelon seeds are because unlike plants, scallops can move. So how do scallop farmers keep those scallops in one place? They drill a tiny hole through a part of the scallop's shell called the ear (don't worry this doesn’t hurt the scallop), thread a rope through the hole, and hang the rope covered in scallops in the ocean. To see what this actually looks like check out this Maine Sea Grant video about ear-hanging scallops in Japan.

Ear-Hanging Machine

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