Hanging Scallops by a Thread

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 by Julia

Scallops are delicious and fantastic creatures! There were a lot of comments on my last post about scallops, so I thought it was time for another. In my last post I talked about scallop aquaculture, which is the farming of scallops, and a method called ear hanging in which the “ear” of the scallop is pierced and then the scallop is hung from a rope in the ocean.

Bailey piercing scallops' ears. Photo credit to Hurricane Island Foundation.One of my favorite scientists and good friends, Bailey Moritz, is ear-hanging scallops with students just like you who live on Vinalhaven Island. Check out this blog post Bailey wrote about growing scallops.

Bailey's scallop blog post:


Also check out this cool video of scallops swimming:


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