Where are all the Baby Lobsters?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 by Ciera Akins

Do you love to eat lobster? Me too! Which is why it is great news that lobster landings, or the amount of lobsters that are being caught, is at an all-time high in Maine. However, scientists are baffled by the low records of baby lobsters. Typically if you count the baby lobsters, you will have a good idea of how many ready-to-catch adult lobsters there will be in a few years. The low number of baby lobsters being found and counted does not lead to predictions of record high landings. So what’s going on? Scientists are calling this “the great disconnect.”

Are warming ocean temperatures or changing ocean currents causing the baby lobsters to settle in new places that are not being sampled? Are there new predators, like jellyfish, that are feeding on the baby lobsters or their food? Is something else causing this mystery?

Like we teach you at LabVenture!, all science starts with a question. So scientists are certainly scratching their heads with all these questions, but diving right into the scientific method to start finding some answers!

Where do you think all of the baby lobsters are?

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Where are all the Baby Lobsters?

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