Albino lobster blowing up across the region!

Monday, September 11, 2017 by Julia

Photo Cred: Alex ToddIt turns out that the lavender lobster I posted about a couple weeks ago is even cooler than we thought. Most likely the lobster has a genetic condition called leucism that causes her to be partially albino. Albino means that the animal has no pigment in its body so it is totally white. Mice, rabbits, snakes, even humans can have genetic conditions that cause them to be albino. However, this lobster is not fully albino she also has hints of blue pigments in her eyes and on her shell. Blue lobsters are pretty rare, about 1 in 2 million, but white albino lobsters are even more rare, about 1 in 100 million! This lobster is blowing up across social media and has been mentioned as far away as Maryland. She has reached the national news as well. This extremely rare lady lobster is famous, but now she’s back on the bottom of Casco Bay. Who will pull her up next?

Check out some of this stories about Casco Bay's Lavender Lady:

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