Kelp: A New Renewable Resource?

Friday, September 29, 2017 by Natasha

When I hear the term, renewable energy, I usually think of solar panels collecting energy from the sun, or giant wind turbines harnessing wind power. But did you know that scientists right now are researching ways to use plants as an alternative renewable energy source I did not know about it until I starting reading more about scientists from UC Santa Barbara, a university in southern California, who are developing and testing technologies that can monitor giant kelp farms. Scientists are hoping to be able to grow and harvest kelp in order to use it as a biofuel, an alternative source to the oil currently used by various forms of transportation.

Growing kelp does not require any land or freshwater as it would be farmed in coastal waters, and also would not result in pollution from fertilizers and pesticides. On top of all that, kelp grows incredibly fast, with the ability to grow up to 12 inches in one day! The scientists in California are very optimistic about the use of kelp as a renewable energy source in the United States.


Do you think we could have kelp farms in the Gulf of Maine one day? Leave a comment with your thoughts!  

Kelp: A New Renewable Resource?

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