Corals of the Gulf of Maine

Monday, December 18, 2017 by Natasha

 If you have ever visited the Caribbean or Australia, or if you have seen the movie, Finding Nemo, then you have probably heard of coral reefs, “important marine ecosystems found in clear, shallow, tropical waters around the world” (National Aquarium). But did you know there are deep-sea coral gardens growing in the Gulf of Maine? 

Deep-sea corals are different from warm, shallow-water corals because dee-sea corals do not need sunlight to survive. Scientists from the University of Connecticut, University of Maine and NOAA have been researching these deep-sea corals since the summer of 2013. They have conducted many deep-sea dives with cameras to record video of corals and anemones living in the Gulf of Maine. While scientists have been studying the Gulf of Maine corals only recently, fishermen have known about corals in the Gulf for more than a century, because pieces of coral sometimes get caught in their fishing gear.

The coral in the Gulf of Maine, and around the world, are vital for aquatic health, because they provide a habitat for a variety of fish and other underwater species. Check out the link below to see a video of the corals in the Gulf of Maine, taken by NOAA in 2014! 

Discover the Deep-Sea Corals of Maine

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