Thursday, May 24, 2018 by Catherine

If you’ve been to LabVenture! in the past several weeks, chances are you got a chance to observe some pretty amazing creatures in the plankton sample jars. Every morning, the educators do a plankton tow on the dock behind GMRI to gather up samples of ocean water for our students to study. The changing tides and currents bring different types of plankton into Portland Harbor, so what we find in these samples is also always changing.


Lately, we’ve been finding some incredibly cool kinds of plankton that you can see with your naked eye – jellies! Since they are moved around by the ocean’s currents, and can’t travel around on their own, jellies or “jellyfish” are plankton! In the Gulf of Maine, we typically see Comb Jellies. While related to the stinging types, comb jellies don’t actually sting! This spring at LabVenture!, we’ve been seeing plenty of those, as well as some Moon, Cross and even the occasional Lion’s Mane Jelly.

Have you ever found jellies around the coasts of Maine?


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