Cool Gulf of Maine Finds

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 by Meredyth

This week has brought some cool and unusual finds to the Gulf of Maine. Here at GMRI we have had multiple reports of people discovering seahorses! While the range of these guys is up the Atlantic coast from South Carolina to Cape Cod, strays can be found as far north as Nova Scotia but are not considered common north of New York. There are only a few recorded accounts of Seahorses being found within the Gulf of Maine, so this week was quite unusual.

First we got a report of someone finding a dead seahorse while walking Old Orchard Beach. Soon after that we heard that a lobsterman who fishes out of Orr’s Island, in Harpswell, found this seahorse snagged on a line last week

. Seahorse

From there we heard from another lobsterman from Cape Elizabeth that found not only one live seahorse in his gear but four over the course of the week!

 Why do you think we are seeing so many of these uncommon to the Gulf of Maine species?

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