Found! World's Rarest Whale!

Thursday, November 15, 2012 by Kim Little

In December of 2010 a mother whale and her calf were found beached on Opape Beach in New Zealand. They were originally thought to be Grey’s beaked whales, however after a DNA test scientists discovered that the whales were actually spade-toothed beaked whales! These whales are so rare that this is the first time an entire specimen, or whale, has been seen! Pretty amazing! It makes me wonder what other unknown species may live in our oceans.

Here is a beaked whale surfacing.

Spade-toothed whale bone fragments were first discovered in 1872 and since then there have only been two other instances where evidence of their existence has been found! Up until now, scientists have had very little evidence to work with, so almost nothing is known about these whales.


What kind of information do you think scientists can learn from this amazing find?

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