Lobster Scientists Discuss Record Highs

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 by Kim Little

This summer Maine had record lobster catches, causing a crash in lobster price. The questions on many peoples’ minds is what caused these record highs and lows, and what does that mean for the future?

The last week in Novemeber, scientists gathered in Portland, ME to discuss how the lobster population have changed recently. While there are many possible reasons, one thought is that the warmer waters in the Gulf of Maine may have made it the perfect temperature for lobsters. However, southern New England have seen a crash in their lobster population and an increased amount of shell disease over the past decades. So far there have been very few cases of shell disease in Maine.

What else do you think could be causing this increase in the lobster population?

Check out the videos below to learn more and hear some hypotheses by both scientists and lobstermen.






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