A Sea Gull Summer

Thursday, August 9, 2012 by Ros Goldsbrough

This summer, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) found itself landlord to some surprising tenants: a family of Herring Gulls nested on our roof!

How do chicks leave the nest? Well, unfortunately these baby gulls had a traumatic experience. One of the 2 chicks on our roof fell 3 stories to the ground while it was way too young, and became dinner for some creature who was lurking in the night. Then just a few weeks later the second chick was on the ground! This one was obviously hurt but still alive. But boy did we have to be careful going out the doors. The mother gull was mighty upset and would fly at people in an effort to keep her baby safe.

To help the mother out, we decided to rescue the chick! We wrapped it up in an old towel and took it back to its nest. Today that chick is almost fully grown, healthy, and flying!

Did you observe any baby animals in your backyard this summer?

Tags: Birds, GMRI

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