World's biggest cod?

Thursday, June 27, 2013 by Caroline Casals

A recreational fishermen off the coast of Norway caught the biggest cod on current record!  Weighing in at a whopping 103 pounds and measuring 5 feet long, the cod fish Michael Eisele caught put up an epic battle.  All told it took Eisele 30 minutes to reel the fish in. One of his friends held on to him the whole time for fear the fish would pull him out of the boat! Chef and fish frier expert Andrew Crook estimated that the mammoth cod could make 200 fish and chip meals.  

Photo credit Lucas Richarz

This record breaker fish is being donated to the Norwegian Fisheries Museum in Bergen, Norway, where it will be taxidermied and available for all to see. To see Eisele's cod fish, check out the full story here.

While this is surely a rare fish of massive proportion, historical records indicate that cod fish were sometimes found weiging more than 200 pounds! To put that in perspective, a 10 year old cod today usually weighs 30 pounds or less.

Photo courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

What can cod fish size tell us about how old fish are and how we might be affecting this species? What do YOU want to know about cod?

Photo credit GMRI

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