New Addition to the Cohen Center Tank!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 by Kim Little

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute has a new resident lobster. However, this lobster is no ordinary lobster, in fact it is believed that only 1 out of 50 million lobsters looks like her!

What is so special about this lobster? Well, take a look….


 Source: Meredyth @ GMRI

She was caught off of Owl’s Head and was donated to GMRI by Ship to Shore Lobster Co.


That’s right she is half orange! Rare colorations, like this one, are due to their genes, the same reason why humans have different hair colors. The only difference is that the majority of lobsters’ shells are made up of red, yellow, and blue pigments that appear a greenish brown. Lobsters that are a different color (blue, orange, etc.) are rare because they are missing some of those pigments. This lobster is missing the blue pigment, but only on half of its shell!

What rare lobster colors have you seen? What pigment(s) is that lobster missing?


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