Continue Exploring!

Want to continue to do meaningful research and contribute to the scientific community?!? Great! Because scientists need your help collecting data and answering big questions about your local ecosystem and more. 

Here are some ways you can be a citizen scientist.

GMRI's Vital Signs Program

Monday, January 6, 2014 by Christine Voyer

Are you into insects, plants, streams, lakes, woods, wetlands, or tide pools? Maybe you’re just curious what’s in your own backyard. Whatever your interest, you can use your skills as a scientist to help figure out where the invasive species are in Maine and where they aren’t . ...


NanoDoc and More Citizen Science Projects

Saturday, January 4, 2014 by Kim Little

Do you like playing games? Do you want to help scientists around the world try to come up with new treatments for cancer? Then NanoDoc is for you! Cancer cells The goal is to create new nanoparticle strategies, or treatments, that only kill the tumor cells and not the healthy cells. After...