Extending LabVenture! Webinar

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 by Kim Little

Last week we had our first webinar where teachers from our summer institute got to share how they have been extending LabVenture! into the classroom. During this webinar Sherri and Susan from Narragansett, Amanda and Cathy from Warren Community, and Tonya and Marie from Woodstock and Crescent Park shared how they are extending LabVenture! into their classrooms. Check out the recording of the webinar below.

Don't have time to listen to the whole thing? Skip to...

 2:55 min to hear fun ways Sherri has been preparing her students for their visit

10:00 min to see how Amanda has been using the All My Watershed Neighbors Kit

18:14 min to hear the cool way Cathy has been teaching her students how to interpret data

27:40 min to learn how Tonya and Marie are combining art, science, and literacy with some fun interdiciplinary activities

Video Player Here: http://youtu.be/dfTW2teMuJc

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