Classroom Challenge: Have your students design their own Dive Deeper Activity Cards and Complex System.

Friday, February 21, 2014 by Kim Little

In our current LabVenture! program, Complex Systems, students research the interactions and connections between five species: Lobster, Humans, Cod, Herring, and Copepods. These five species make up only a small part of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem, but they are all linked together in a very intricate way. Students learn that if just one of those species is affected, by climate change for example, the entire system could be altered.

Back in the classroom students can continue to investigate those interactions using the Dive Deeper Activity Cards (found at the bottom of the activities page). Once your students have explored this system have them create their own Dive Deeper Cards!

You can use the blank version of our cards or make your own!

Students can…

1)   Create a card for a species or item they would like to fit into their current model of the Gulf of Maine.

2)   Create a new “what if” or question card and discover how their system might change.

3)   Create a new complex system. Choose 4-6 species that are found in any ecosystem such as the ocean, the woods, or even their school’s playground and create a card for each of the species.

Once the new cards are made, students can describe the connections that link them together, by either adding them to their existing system or creating a new system model. Tip: it is helpful to write down the connections as you go. 

Students and teachers can submit a digital copy of their cards and questions to We will then add them to our online library so students from around the state can add your cards to their models!


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