Extending LabVenture! at McMahon Elementary

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 by Amanda Capen

Our students spent about 2 ½ months learning about oceans.  In addition to  participating in the Complex Systems program at GMRI, they were given the opportunity to go to the Maine State Aquarium and learn about specific sea creatures that live in our ocean.  They spent another field trip at Wolfe’s Neck State Park exploring the ecosystems of a variety of ocean life.


Our plan was to have students compare and contrast plants and animals that live in the local lake a few miles from our school with the plants and animals on the coast.  Due to busing issues, we were not able to bring them to the lake near our school.


Instead, we had student compare and contrast the types of animals they found at the Maine State Aquarium with the animals they found at Wolfe’s Neck.  Then they created a Keynote presentation persuading sea creatures that are not currently part of our ocean’s ecosystem to join.  They explained the specific ecosystems, the benefits to living there, the food chain, etc.



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