Make LabVenture! a Full-Day Excursion

Thursday, March 10, 2016 by Meredyth

Do you love the LabVenture! experience and wish you and your students could take even better advantage of being in Portland? The city and surrounding area have many opportunities that could be paired with your LabVenture! visit to turn the half-day lab experience into a full-day excursion.

One option might be to visit the Portland Museum of Art before or after your LabVenture! visit like a group from SeDoMoCha Middle School did this spring. The art museum has funding that provides free tours to Maine schools. (Keep in mind that tours must be set up with the museum ahead of time.)

But that's just one option! The recently opened Portland Science Center offers educational exhibits for groups of all ages. (Check out their site for the most recents offerings)

The Portland area provides a long list of STEM, recreational, and culture opportunities from lobstering cruises and ferry tours in Casco Bay to state parks, lighthouses, theaters, and more.

As always, GMRI will provide transportation for public school groups from your school to our lab when you attend the LabVenture! program. We are happy to brainstorm with you ways that you might fund any additional cost that might be associated with expanding your day away from school (additional bussing costs, admission costs, etc).

If you are planning to make arrangements to do something else before or after your LabVenture! program please make sure that you have coordinated with our Visit Administrator and planned your visit accordingly.

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