Summer PD: Algae Academy

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 by Katie

The Algae Foundation formed the Algae Academy to concentrate on algal-based K-12 STEM curriculum development.  Two years ago, we introduced our Algal-based STEM Kits, a five-day STEM learning module for grades 5-10. Our first year we reached ~ 400 students, last year nearly 5000 students in California, Michigan and Ohio.  This year we are expanding into New Mexico, Texas, and Maine.  In future years we will have kits for the second and eleventh grades along with our middle school efforts.

We wanted to better prepare our Maine-based teachers by initiating the USM-Algae Academy Summer Science Institute, July 9-13, at USM's Lewiston campus.  The first 2.5 days we will train the teachers who will offer the full week of STEM instruction in their classes this fall. The second half of the week, we will offer a special STEM effort for selected students that each teacher can assist with and gain valuable hands on experience.  We want to demystify Science and the magical world of Algae.   

The training is about the Algae and our world, how it affects our lives, the biology of it, growing it, measuring how fast it grows, design your own algae.  find out about what everyday products use algae.  Algae to eat, algae as medicine, algae in paints, puddings, plastics, etc. We will include the use of several different types of microscopes, the beginnings of the scientific method, the wonders of science, Algae in Space. Green polar bears have algae, Blue Icebergs have algae, the volcanic eruption in Hawaii has algae. 

"Take a Deep Breath, Thank the Algae"

The Summer Science Institute offers all teachers the following:

  • $150 stipend for the week’s participation
  • Ability to earn 4 Continuing Education Credits (prepaid)
  • Great lunches and snacks
  • Access to receive Algae Academy STEM kits for your classroom each fall term (FREE)
  • In house training of students the second half of the SSI week
  • Renewal of all supplies and replace broken equipment each year (FREE)
  • Updated Curriculum (FREE) 

We want to reach every school in Maine within five years.  Help us start this amazing training in your class this year. Join the Algae Nation.



Ira "Ike" Levine, Ph.D.

Professor, Natural & Applied Sciences

Fulbright Scholar

207 754 6969 mobile

Summer PD: Algae Academy

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