Schedule Your Class's LabVenture! Experience

Fun, Free, and Formative

Engage your 5th and 6th grade students in science through GMRI’s LabVenture! program. Your students will experience what it's like to be a real scientist, using scientific practices to:

  • investigate pressing issues about the Gulf of Maine ecosystem,
  • make connections between human and natural systems, and
  • communicate their findings with others.

We believe science should be accessible to all learners, so we’ve made this program available at no charge to 5th and 6th grade students in Maine, and we provide transportation for public schools.

The LabVenture! program is supported with accompanying activities, curriculum, and classroom resources. All content is aligned with national and state standards.

How to Schedule Your Visit:

LabVenture! visits are offered Monday through Friday during the school year, in the morning and afternoon.

  1. Complete visit request form. Please keep in mind that visits are booked on a first come first serve basis. Once you've requested a visit we will get back to you about our availability.
  2. Collect signed LV permission form 2017-2018.pdf from each student. Please note that this is a GMRI specific permission form, which must be completed in addition to any permission form specific to your school.


For questions, please contact:

Meredyth Eufemia Sullivan
Science Education Program Manager, LabVenture!
Phone: (207) 228-1648